About Me

I am a lecturer at the Australian National University College of Law, specialising in space law and space policy. I am also a Mission Specialist with the ANU Institute for Space (InSpace), contributing a legal and policy perspective to multidisciplinary projects. I have an  independent consultancy practice in space security and space law, with over 13 years of international experience in academia in Australia, Argentine, Canada, Europe, the U.S.

My current research interests focus on space security write large, including space traffic management, space situational awareness, and the law of armed conflict applied to space. I am also researching ways in which indigenous knowledge about the cosmos, sustainability and law can be integrated into a notion of “good space citizenship” for the long term sustainability of space.

I am the former Executive Director of Women in International Security (WIIS)-Canada, and I previously held the position of Acting Executive Director of the University of Pennsylvania’s Center for Ethics and Rule of Law, and Executive Director of the McGill Centre for Research in Air and Space Law. Prior to coming to Canada I was an Assistant Professor at the University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands. I have a PhD in international criminal law, and my book “Translating Guilt” (Springer, 2016) provides a comparative approach to notions of guilt applied in the international tribunals. In 2004 I interned at the International Criminal Court under Judge Navi Pillay, and I have been a Visiting Researcher at universities in Argentina, Canada, Germany and the USA, where I was also a Fulbright Scholar.

Currently, I am the member for Canada on the International Law Association Space Law Committee, an Associate Expert on the Woomera Manual on the International Law of Military Space Operations, and I lead the International Space Policy sub-group of the Canadian Space Society Space Policy Commitee. I am also Senior Non-Resident Fellow at the Center for Ethics and the Rule of Law, an Associate Fellow of the McGill Centre for Human Rights and Legal Pluralism, and a member of the International Institute of Space Law, Women in Aerospace, and the NATO Association of Canada.

I am an Advisory Board Member for the Inter Gentes Journal of International Law and Legal Pluralism, and for the Chinese Journal of Comparative Law. I have provided peer reviews for articles and books published in journals throughout Europe and in Canada.

I speak French and Dutch and have a basic understanding of Spanish.